‘Green Community Project’ by Yenepoya

‘Green Community Project’ by Yenepoya

Saplings were planted under the guidance of the Centre for Environmental Studies of Yenepoya (Deemed to be) University, Mangaluru.

The Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) of Yenepoya (Deemed to be) University undertook a sapling planting campaign in the months of July and August under its ‘Green Community Project’ headed by Dr Bhagya B Sharma.

The objective of the programme was to create awareness about the environment and encourage people’s participation in preserving the ecology.

Schoolchildren and teachers as well as citizens, community leaders and government officials were invited to participate in the campaign. Students from Yenepoya Medical and Ayurveda College also participated in the programme.

About 300 saplings were planted on the campuses of different educational institutions and local bodies. Munoor Government School, Bagambila Government School, Babbukatte Government School, Hira Primary School and Hira First Grade College were some of the educational institutions which participated in the drive. Saplings were also planted in Belma Panchayat, Mangala Seva Trust and along the road sides at Bagambila, Madoor, Madanthar, Pukalakampa-Permude by the staff from the University.

A wide variety of saplings like neem, mahogany, mandara, hole dasavala, rosewood, kokum, red sandalwood, golden shower, badam, jackfruit, nerale, pride of India, wild jack and Indian blackberry were planted at different places, based of the conditions.

Seeds of vegetables like cucumber, cow pea, brinjal, bitter gourd, snake gourd and bottle gourd were also distributed to villagers at some places. Vermicompost was given to some of the people.