Kikre minor bridge cries for attention

Kikre minor bridge cries for attention

A view of the stream overflowing on to Kikre bridge in Sringeri.

Kikre minor bridge that provides connectivity to several villages in Menase Gram Panchayat jurisdiction is crying for help. 

Situated five kilometres away from Sringeri, the villagers including schoolchildren have to cross the bridge that gets submerged during monsoon. The stream that flows beside the bridge overflows on to the bridge during monsoon. 

Residents of Kelakoppa, Sasimane, Kikre Estate, Jainaramakki, Megalabailu and Hurulihaklu use the bridge to reach their villages. The residents have been demanding a new bridge for the last several years but this has not materialised so far. 

“The overflowing of the stream on to the bridge has been inconveniencing the schoolchildren and patients. We do not know what will happen during this monsoon,” said villagers. 

It is dangerous to cross the bridge when it is submerged. The elected representatives should ensure that a bridge is constructed scientifically at the site, said the villagers.