Server problem irks beneficiaries of Anna Bhagya

Server problem irks beneficiaries of Anna Bhagya

People wait outside the fair price shop near the Gram Panchayat office in Bettageri.

Beneficiaries of ‘Anna Bhagya’ scheme struggled for an entire day to avail food grains from the fair price shop near Bettageri Gram Panchayat office on Monday due to a server problem.

The bio-metric data could not be loaded on the Point of Sale (PoS) machines as the server was down. But, as bio-metrics are necessary to obtain the grains, hundreds of people were compelled to wait till the evening.

Elderly citizens and women who waited for hours were in distress. Some people returned empty handed disappointed over the technical glitch.

People of Bettageri, Avanduru, Arvattoklu, Heravanadu and Paluru villages collect their grains from Bettageri fair price shop. But, these days, the items are not provided to the beneficiaries. Every time there is a problem, the residents said.

A beneficiary said, “We waited from 9 am till evening. Our wages for a day are wasted.”