Stray cattle butchered in Kyatanamakki in Balehonnnur

Stray cattle butchered in Kyatanamakki in Balehonnnur

An incident of the butchering of stray cattle on Kyatanamakki hills near Menasinahadya in Balehonnnur has come to light recently.

Many stray cattle graze in the meadows of Kyatanamakki. Mahesh and his friends from Bengaluru had put up sheds at a cost of Rs 3 lakh, for the cattle to protect themselves from rain and heat. The cattle feed on the grass in the morning take rest in the sheds during the night.

The racketeers involved in the illegal trafficking of cows used to descend on the meadows at night and after butchering the cows alive, used to illegally transport the meat to other regions.

The local villages had vented their ire against the miscreants and had urged the police to initiate action against the racketeers involved in illegal trafficking of cows.

The illegal slaughterers have tied the legs of cattle and have collected meat by butchering them alive. The gruesome incident came to light when some local residents visited Kyatanamakki here recently. The bones of cattle were found scattered around the meadows.

A cow with severe wounds inflicted with a sharp-edged weapon was found in a pitiable condition. The animal had somehow managed to escape from miscreants. The cow is now fighting for its life.

JD(S) leader Prasad Jain said that the Police Department had totally failed to end the menace of illegal cattle traffickers.

If the illegal activity continues, all the cattle on the hill will disappear one day. Protests will be organised if the police failed to arrest the culprits, he threatened.

Stray cattle resting on the roadsides are being trafficked by the racketeers. Miscreants carried a cow sleeping on the roadside in Balehonnur. When residents rushed to free the cow, the miscreants had threatened them by flashing a sharp-edged weapon. The efforts to chase the vehicle had yielded no results.

Bajrang Dal district convener Shashank Gowda urged the police to initiate strict measures and prevent cattle theft across the district. In a press release, he said the police personnel despite being informed about cattle theft were not initiating any action.

“If the police do not take any action, Bajrang Dal will form teams and prevent the illegal transportation of cattle,” he warned.