Taming of wild elephants at Dubare camp

Taming of wild elephants at Dubare camp

An elephant, captured in Chettalli, has now been released from the kraal.

One of the three rogue elephants which was confined to kraals has now been released as it has been tamed. However, the elephant will be part of Dubare camp.

The elephant was captured in Bettalli region in June this year and was being tamed by mahouts, confining it in an enclosure. The other two elephants captured in Hassan and Bandipur are still undergoing training. The released elephant was captured during an operation carried out by the Forest Department near Coffee Board in Chettalli. The elephant was confined into the kraal for six months for training.

The elephant has now turned calm and has been moving in Dubare camp and for grazing. It will be taken for a bath within a day or two, mahout Arune said.

“The elephant is being provided with fodder. However, the pachyderm is kept at a safe distance from the tourists,” he added.

Two other wild elephants, captured in Bandipur and Hassan, are still being confined to the kraals and are undergoing training, from the last four months. The elephants are now adhering to the directions by their mahout Papu and are feeding on well.

Initially, both the elephants were ferocious in nature and were making futile attempts to break the kraals. Day by day, they started responding to the mahout and are now receiving food from the hands of the mahout. Along with fodder, the elephants are being provided with lots of water for drinking. Sheds have been constructed for the mahouts and kavadis, closer to the elephant kraals. One of these elephants is a lone tusker and has been attracting the onlookers.

Another wild elephant captured from Bandipur is an 18-year-old pachyderm and is now eating paddy, grass, leaves, jowar and jaggery.

Veterinary officer Dr Mujib said that the male elephants wander in search of female elephants. Among the tamed male elephants in the Dubare, one elephant has left the camp and has entered into the forest area and the officials have been making attempts to bring it back to the camp.

Tamed elephants from the camp have been to the forest during earlier occasions and have returned as well, he added.

DCP Kannanda Ranjan said that one elephant has been tamed and released from the kraal. The other two are being tamed.

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