Time to pull out woollen clothing from the wardrobe

Time to pull out woollen clothing from the wardrobe

A view of the sky in Madikeri.

Temperatures have started to dip in Kodagu for the last four to five days. The wind that blows once in a while has created chilly weather in the district.

Further, the tourists have also started arriving in the district to enjoy the chilly weather. The morning dew on the leaves and plants gives a refreshing feeling.

The residents have started removing woollen clothes, including sweater and caps from the wardrobe, to keep themselves warm.

Many had given a break to the morning walk fearing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Those who have started going for morning walks have started to wear sweaters and mufflers while going for walking on Race Course Road, Raja Seat, Hosa Badavane, Cauvery Layout and other areas.

The labourers who have come back to estates to engage themselves in the harvesting of coffee beans have started campfires near their line houses to keep themselves warm in the night.

With the arrival of winter, the tourism sector has also started gaining momentum.

The tourists are enjoying the chilly weather. Mandalpatti, Tadiyandamol, Talacauvery, Meranakote betta and Brahmagiri areas have been experiencing a further dip in temperature.

Experts have warned the people to remain cautious during the winter to check the spread of Covid-19. Wearing a mask is mandatory.

The tourists have been visiting Raja Seat to enjoy the sunset during the winter.

Krishna, a homestay owner, said, “Usually, a large number of tourists used to visit the district during winter. However, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the number has reduced this year.”