Two groups clash in Somwarpet

Two groups clash in Somwarpet

Police dispersed the group of youth in front of Somwarpet Taluk Panchayat after they got into a fight.

Two groups clashed against each other following a political vendetta related to the recently held Gran Panchayat elections.

Cases have been filed against 15 people at the town police station, as per the complaint submitted by B J Prashanth of Bajegundi.

Muhammed Kunhi, Ashraf, Bhuvanesh, Ravi, Cable Riyaz, Naushad, Muhammed Riyaz, Vijay, Safan, Nasir, Ismail, Fauzil, Paadu, Muhammed Bilal and Sameer are the accused.

On Tuesday, a person called Annappa had alleged that during the elections, people from another group, B G Prashanth, candidate B M Prashanth, Gangappa, Shashi and Mahesh had assaulted him. Fauzil had alleged that the same group had assaulted him in front of the Taluk Office.

Conducting an investigation on Tuesday night, the police had taken an undertaking from B G Prashanth, B M Prashanth and others.

B G Prashanth submitted a complaint on Wednesday stating that he was assaulted in Bajegundi at 3.30 pm on Wednesday.