Video clip of MLA, Tara being flayed goes viral

Video clip of MLA, Tara being flayed goes viral

A video grab of Byndoor MLA Sukumar B Shetty speaking to fishermen leader G Shankar at Byndoor.

A video clip of fishermen leader and entrepreneur G Shankar criticising Byndoor MLA Sukumar Shetty and BJP star campaigner Tara has gone viral on social media.

Shankar is seen taking to task Sukumar Shetty and Tara while participating in a religious meet organised on account of Rathotsava of Bagwadi Mahishasura Mardhini Temple at Byndoor, recently.

“If Mogaveeras revolt, then they will not listen to anyone. Do not give a chance for it. Fishermen went missing over 150 days ago. What is the meaning of the claim that we are still searching for missing fishermen? If the government can carry out surgical strikes, then why not track down the missing poor fishermen?” he asked Tara.

In the video clip, Tara is seen clarifying that the Union Minister Nirmala Seetharaman had visited the family of missing fishermen and had consoled them. “The BJP had not neglected the issue.”

She, further, said, “The union government had announced a separate fisheries ministry in the budget in order to respond to the woes of fishermen. None of the previous governments had taken such a bold decision about forming a separate ministry.” 

Shankar, who confessed to be a fan of Modi, said, “Unfortunately, prime minister has failed to fulfill the promises he made. Now, you need not fool fishermen with sugary talk. We are already in distress. Bring the issue to the notice of Yeddyurappa as well.”

Tara also shot back at the fishermen leader declaring that BJP does not believe in fooling everybody with sugary talk. “Congress has been fooling people with its false promises for past 60 years,” she said and stompd off in a huff.