Minister Mahesh worships seer’s ‘padukas,’ triggers row

Minister Mahesh worships seer’s ‘padukas,’ triggers row

N Mahesh

Video clippings of Primary and Secondary Education Minister N Mahesh, a BSP leader, worshipping and embracing the ‘padukas’ of a seer and also prostrating before the Suttur seer, which are circulating in social media, have invited criticism from a section of the people.

People have vented their ire against the minister for his act in the social media. The minister, who claims to be a follower of Ambedkar, had brought disrepute to the philosophy of the architect of the Constitution, they said.

“We had not expected this from Mahesh, who is an ardent follower of Ambedkar’s philosophy. We are appalled to see the visuals,” they said. A few others have justified Mahesh’s act. People should not arrive at a conclusion without getting the version of the minister, they said.

The three-minute clipping shows the minister holding the ‘padukas’ and pressing them against his body with devotion. The slogan hailing the seer, ‘Amma Bhagawan ki jai,’ is heard in the background. In another video, Mahesh is seeking the blessings of Suttur seer Shivaratri Deshikendra Swami and felicitating him. A post by B R Bhaskar Prasad, Mahesh’s supporter, said the minister embraced the ‘padukas’ just to please his supporters who strived for his election victory.