Bhyrappa criticises politicians, ‘progressive’ writers

Bhyrappa criticises politicians, ‘progressive’ writers

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Writer S L Bhyrappa criticised both, politicians and writers, who claim to be progressive and rational, after inaugurating the 409th Mysuru Dasara, by offering floral tributes to the idol of Sri Chamundeshwari, placed in a silver chariot, atop the Chamundi Hill, here, on Sunday.

He said the participation of writers in support of a section of the politicians, who tried to divide the people of a community as Veerashaivas and Lingayats, was uncalled for. “Just before an election, the politicians raked up the issue. Writers should not become activists. Basavanna propounded two principles — dignity of labour and eradication of caste system. Both are very much relevant to the society today. He said ‘work is worship’ and promoted inter-caste marriages, which is a sure cure to eradicate caste system. But, people rebelled against him. Those who utter his name now, should strive to implement these two principles, as the society has matured enough to take them,” he said.

“When Basavanna officiated an inter-caste marriage, some 900 years ago, the society was not ready for it, as it was an agriculture economy. Then, joint families were the norm and an elderly person would head them. People consolidate conservatism as they age, so there was resistance. Besides, those days, it was either child marriage or early marriage. Thus the newly-married couple would be dependent on elders for all needs. Now, both boys and girls are economically independent. Nuclear families are the norm. However, inter-caste marriages cannot be imposed on the society. The objective of marriages is not social reforms. It is for one’s personal likes and dislikes and for convenience,” Bhyrappa said.

He blamed the politicians for the deterioration of the principle of ‘dignity of labour’, for dividing the people on the basis of vocations for their own selfishness. “People are concerned about wages, but not their work output. They do not worry about accountability. Dedication and integrity is lacking,” he said.

Bhyrappa also batted for eco-conservation and eco-friendly development.

He said, most of the temples and places of worship are on hill tops. “People go on a ‘yatre’ (pilgrimage) to such places to find peace and to connect with what they believe as ‘God’. When such places become famous, governments provide facilities and infrastructure. Then, it becomes ‘jathre’ (fair). The danger is that the connect between the devotee and God is lost."

"The government has already completed various works, such as multi-level parking complex and commercial complex. More development works are expected. Does the government want to retain Chamundi Hill as a spiritual centre or develop it into a tourist hot-spot? What is the need to sell so many things on the hill, while they are available in Mysuru city, just a few km away? All that people need near a temple are puja items, drinking water and toilet facility. The government should concentrate more on increasing the green cover on the hill,” he said.