Poll losers fetch 7 'EVM hackers' to Mysuru police

There was high drama in front of Narasimha Raja (NR) police station on Wednesday late night, when a few defeated candidates brought a group of seven people for the police to arrest, alleging that this group had managed to hack the EVMs in the recently concluded Assembly polls. 

A large number of people gathered in front of the police station at 11 pm. 

City Police Commissioner Dr A S Rao said, a few candidates of NR, Chamaraja and KR Constituencies, who lost the recent polls, alleged that the seven people they handed over to the police, had managed to hack EVMs.

The defeated candidates said, that the group of seven had approached them prior to the elections offering to hacks EVMs for them; but they had sent the unscrupulous group away without accepting their offer.

The defeated candidates alleged that they had lost solely because this group had hacked EVMs for the victors. 

However, Police Commissioner Rao confirmed that the jurisdictional police have not registered any case in this connection and no one has been taken into custody.

Deputy Commissioner Abhiram G Sankar stated that it was impossible to hack the EVMs.

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Poll losers fetch 7 'EVM hackers' to Mysuru police


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