Railway stations to go hi-tech

Railway stations to go hi-tech

Responding to constant criticism over unkempt toilets and station premises, the SWR has decided to rope in a private company to maintain the toilets and build new ones similar to those in airports.

Dr Anup Dayanand Sadhu, a senior divisional commercial manager, said the SWR has entered into an agreement with Sulabh International to build new pay-and-use toilets within next six months at Mysore and Davangere stations on a pilot basis. Fresh tenders will be floated for assigning the contract while extending the project to other stations in the State, he said.

According to the agreement, the private company will pay specified annual fee (Rs one lakh a year) and the contract is for a period of 15 years.

He said the move would ease the financial burden on the Railways.

Watch TV on train

Passengers travelling long distance can beat the ennui of the journey by watching movies, which is another initiative by the SWR.

The Railways had initially introduced TV-on-wheels on Bangalore-Mysore route. Having received an overwhelming response, the SWR has decided to provide CDs and DVDs along with a TV set for the passengers.

“At present, the facility will be available once a week on the Swarna Jayanti express services and Mysore-Jaipur services two times a week,” Anup said.

Discussion on

He said the South Western Railways is discussing with Global Focus, a private company, various aspects of the project. The passengers may deposit a prescribed amount at the station for CDs, DVDs and a car TV set.

The private company will provide the facilities and the Railways will not invest, but it will earn revenue by collecting the licence fee.