Reclaim Hindu narrative by building Ram Mandir: Frawley

Reclaim Hindu narrative by building Ram Mandir: Frawley

Thinker and writer Dr David Frawley said ‘Marxist Colonialism’ has entered India through the back door and is sowing wrong notions on Hindutva at the international level.

Speaking during a session on ‘Reclaiming the True Hindu Narrative’ at Mangaluru Lit Fest organised by Mangaluru Literary Foundation here on Saturday, he said, “It was India which engineered the science of living in harmony by understanding the concept of the universe. Instead of understanding Indian stand on Paramathma and Parabrahma, Hinduism is considered as just a religion, which is not right.”

The Vedas and Indian tradition have contributed values to the world. It is not easy to understand the idea of “Bharath” by reading books alone. Temples are not only assets of India. They are the treasure trove of knowledge on Shastras, archaeology, art and history.

“The most important statement to reclaim the Hindu narrative is to get the Ram Temple built in Ayodhya. How can you have a country that still keeps the hero of its oldest epic in exile?” he asked.

A majority of the sessions at lit fest demanded Ram Mandir. In a session on ‘RSS 360 Degree Facts Vs Fiction’, writer Rathan Sharada said, “Ram Mandir should be constructed at Ayodhya. The RSS had made its stand clear on the issue. We have been waiting for Ram Janmabhoomi for the past 800 years. Ram Mandir will be constructed in the years to come.”

Nitte Education Trust President N Vinay Hegde said that it is not right to delay Rama Mandir construction. There is a need to honour the Indian tradition by constructing Ram Mandir. Religious thoughts are individual-centric.

The issue of Ram Mandir was also raised by Dr Anirban Ganguly. When Ganguly asked the participants to utter Jai Sri Ram, many raised the slogans.

In a session on Urban Naxals, film director Vivek Agnihotri said, “These people (Urban Naxals) are neither anti-BJP nor anti-Congress, but they are Anti-India.”

“Maoists get funding from extortion in Bastar, Jharkhand. Along with Maoists, Urban Naxals are dangerous to the country. More than terrorists, the Maoists are engaged in murdering people in the recent past, ” he claimed. He said parents do not teach their wards to speak against the country. Unfortunately, a few of those who have studied in universities speak against the country, pointing fingers at the universities.

Theatre person Prakash Belawadi said, “I used to be a critic of (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi. My views have changed after examining the facts.”

In his keynote address, Editor of Organiser Prafulla Ketkar said “Britain gave a parliamentary democracy, America gave an economic democracy, Bharath gave a spiritual democracy to the world. Unity in diversity is by birth for Indians. Equating Dharma and religion is a mistake by British scholars. They treated Hindu Dharma as inferior to Semitic religions.”

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