RTPS braces for water shortage

RTPS braces for water shortage

Workers busy placing the sand bags to construct a wall to store water in river Krishna near Shakthinagar in Raichur district. DH Photo

Insufficient inflow in the river Krishna has forced the Raichur Thermal Power Station (RTPS) management find new ways to store the water. Sufficient water is needed to ensure uninterrupted power generation at all 8 RTPS units.  

Drought has resulted in the low inflow in the river. Power generation is sure to hit adversely in the summer due to water crisis. The 8 plants require 2.24 lakh cubic metre (100 cusecs) water per month for power generation. 

The Googal barrage has 341.5 metre water as against 344.5 metres last year. Considering the availability of less water in the barrage, the RTPS staff are constructing a wall by placing sand bags at various locations in the river for water storage. 

“The plants shouldn’t face water shortage. Hence, we are constructing the  wall to store the water,” C B Yallatti, in charge executive director told DH.