'Smart work' helps two doctors clear CSE

'Smart work' helps two doctors clear CSE

Srikanth Dharmesh

A Bengaluru-based doctor Srikanth Dharmesh cleared the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC securing 680th rank in the exam in his first attempt. Srikanth has a word of advice for those preparing for the exam, "Guidance is the key. With the vast amount of information available in books and over the internet, it is important to know what to read and what not to”. He was guided by his senior, a Civil Servant turned Educator, Dr Arjun Bopanna.

Even though joining a Coaching Institute might not be necessary, Srikanth stresses on the importance of guidance when it comes to Civil Services Examination. While many choose to go to Delhi, Srikanth decided to take help at Bangalore IAS Academy.

“More than hard work, it is smart work which is required,” says Srikanth and this is where his teachers at the academy were an immense resource. The academy also trained him thoroughly on how to face the interview. 

A beaming Srikanth believes that with true dedication anyone can achieve what one sets out for.

Minimum books

The success story of Dr Nagarjun Gowda, who secured 418th rank in CSE is heart-warming. After his father's demise, the responsibility of taking care of his family fell on him though he was still in college. In spite of financial difficulties he never gave up on his dream of becoming a civil servant.

After he completed his MBBS, he got a job in Mandya Medical College. Unlike others who spend a bomb, he spent Rs 10,000 to buy books and another Rs 10,000 on mock tests. Minimum books and optimal study is his success mantra. "I had prepared for the mains exam before prelims and would study for 7-8 hours a day," Nagarjun said. He wishes to work in the field of healthcare.