Trekkers’ haven is now reduced to ruins

Trekkers’ haven is now reduced to ruins

The second Monnangeri, which was considered to be the most sought after destination for trekkers, has been ruined in the recent floods.

The ‘Nishane betta’, which was one of the most favoured spots for tourists, now wears a deserted look. The entire village of second Monnangeri has been washed away by floods.

There is slush everywhere and it is posing obstructions for the movement of people. The stream is still in spate and the ruins of around 30 houses have been creating a feeling of detachment. The rescue personnel and the local villagers are constructing footbridges wherever possible as the connecting roads have been damaged. Makeshift bridges are the only way through which people can reach the market and fetch necessary items.

Villagers said that areca and coffee plantations, which once existed, have been washed away totally. Many houses have been buried under the debris as a result of landslides. Most of the people could only manage to save their lives during the incident.

All their assets have been lost.

Cattle and other pets, which have lost their houses, have been pining for their owners for the past 15 days. In some places, the owners could not reach out to their cattle which are marooned, as the road connectivity to the houses has been cut.

Some cattle are sheltered in intact houses and fodder is being provided to them. The villagers have been feeding their pets by going into the village. People said it was heart-wrenching to see the present condition of their houses.