Activists guard Kannada flag during sit-in before BCC

Activists guard Kannada flag during sit-in before BCC

Kannada activists protesting against police who attempted to prevent them from installing Kannada flag in Belagavi on Monday. Credit: DH Photo

Kannada activists after hoisting a Kannada flag in front of the Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) continued to guard it by staging a sit-in overnight till Tuesday morning.

They bore chilling temperature overnight fearing that the Kannada flag could be removed by the District Administration and City Police in the wee hours as their efforts to convince them (Kannada activists) had not yielded results on Monday evening.

Kannada activist Srinivas Talukar who led the installing of the Kannada flag said, "We are sitting guard and do not want the administration to remove it," adding, "Kannada flag is symbol of our pride and we want it to remain in the place wherein it has been installed."(sic)

Police too maintained vigil overnight and continued during the day to avoid any untoward incidents.