Woe-stricken II PU students make a beeline for Board office

Woe-stricken II PU students make a beeline for Board office

PU Board office at Malleswaram

The PU Board office at Malleswaram here was a beehive of activity on Tuesday, a day after the II PU results were announced. Students came to the office with numerous doubts and queries.

Suryashree, a science student of ASC College, said she had expected more marks in Maths and was applying for photocopies. She will consult her teacher before applying for revaluation.

Madhubala, another science student, said she had been writing the exam for three years in a row and that she had been receiving the same score, with the difference of not even a single mark. The girl approached the Board to know if her papers were evaluated at all.

“The board had bungled up on my details and I was forced to take Physics supplementary exam.” There was a mistake with 'old syllabus' being printed on her hall ticket, she claimed.

Some parents claimed that their children scored low in one subject, while faring well in other subjects.

Yoganand, assistant professor at Ramaiah degree college, said his daughter Surabhi M Y, a PCMB student of Himamshu PU College, who had scored over 80 in more than three subjects,  was somehow not able to do well in Maths and that they would apply for revaluation.

Isha, a commerce student of SJR PU College, also had a similar concern. Isha said she had lost marks in three subjects and that the scores did not reflect her efforts. She would apply for photocopies of the answer sheets and revaluation later on.

Some students were also concerned that the percentage would have a bearing on their CET rankings and only hoped that they would get the results of the revaluation early enough.

Manoj, a PCME student of Sheshadripuram college, is also applying for re-evaluation in Chemistry. He is hopeful of early revaluation, so that the new scores reflect in the CET rankings.