Etched in gold

Etched in gold

Some new-age jewellery styles that are trending


An old adage goes ‘Jewellery is a woman’s best friend’. This still holds true as jewellery is an important adornment to a woman’s personality.

Gold is a classic and still remains a favourite among women across all age groups.

Over the years, jewellery trends have evolved and designs too have changed with the ever-changing preferences of buyers.

From chunky and heavy pieces with traditional designs, women have now changed their preferences to classy, delicate and contemporary jewellery.

Gone are the days when one would think of wearing precious jewellery only on occasions or for weddings. Jewellery is now being seen as an important aspect of an ensemble.

Be it earrings, sets, pendants, chains, rings, or even a good old mangalsutra, there is a modern approach to everything! In fact, even the old and exquisite technique and style of jewellery is being introduced in a modern avatar for the new-age buyer by jewellery brands today.

Enameling is one such technique which is being used to create delicate jewellery which is beautiful yet not heavy on the pocket.

Here are some new-age jewellery styles that are trending.

• Mangalsutra with a twist: Mangalsutra is a piece of jewellery which holds significant importance for any Indian bride. The only way to wear a mangalsutra earlier was to wear it as a necklace, however, the working woman nowadays wants a little modern twist to the way the mangalsutra is worn. Mangalsutra rings and mangalsutra bracelets have beautifully fulfilled the demand and replaced the traditional way of wearing it.

• Cocktail rings: A cocktail ring is a must-have in a woman’s jewellery box, as these statement pieces are just drop-dead gorgeous! These rings can enhance the beauty of your outfit and can be styled for all occasions, be it a puja or the card party you have been waiting to attend.

• Flexi rings: The minimalistically beautiful flexi rings cater to the fusion fashion of a contemporary woman. A combination of modern jewellery design with classic elements makes each piece distinctive yet suitable for everyday wear.

The best part about flexi rings is that it can be worn solo for a minimalistic look or once stacked as multiple rings, can become a fashion statement. It can also be carried as a mid finger ring.

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