Book Rack:

Book Rack:

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My Father’s Garden
Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar
Speaking Tiger, 2018, pp 200, Rs 428
Spanning half a life, this tells the story of a young doctor — the unnamed narrator — as he negotiates love and sexuality, his need for companionship, and the burdens of memory
and familial expectation.

Why I Am A Liberal
Sagarika Ghose
Penguin, 2018, pp 232, Rs 371
Are you a liberal? Do you hate one? Whatever it is, this subject is at the centre of public debate today. It argues for the rights of the marginalised in the
tradition of Gandhi for trust, mutual understanding and bridge-building. This is the author’s meditation on why India needs to be liberal.

Mee And Juhibaby
Susmita Mukherjee
Speaking Tiger, 2018, pp 232, Rs 293
The book captures with sensitivity and humour the fragile equations in a marriage, between mothers and daughters, friends and lovers — and equally, the world of Hindi cinema. This is also the tale of four cities — Benares, New Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Forest Of Tides
Manisha Sobhrajani
Hachette, 2018, pp 200, Rs 200
The author recounts her experience of living in the Sunderbans, supervising the construction of a charitable hospital — from adjusting to a life
without basic amenities to trying to build permanent structures with fishnet and plastic bottles.

Red Card
Kautuk Srivastava
Penguin, 2018, pp 304, Rs 239
When Rishabh Bala reaches the 10th standard, life takes a turn for the complicated. The boy feels the pressure of the looming board exams and finds himself hopelessly and hormonally in love. It’s set in the suburban Thane of 2006.

Power and Diplomacy
Zorawar Daulet Singh
Oxford University Press, 2018, pp 416, Rs 761
The author reconstructs the worldviews that underlay geopolitics during the Nehru and Indira Gandhi years, and illuminates the transformation in India’s foreign policy and how policymakers redefined some of their most fundamental precepts on India’s role in the
subcontinent and beyond.

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn
Stuart Turton
Raven Books, 2018, pp 528, Rs 499
Winner of ‘The Costa First Novel Award’ 2019, this murder mystery tasks Aiden with finding the killer of Evelyn Hardcastle. She is killed during her birthday celebration at her family’s country manor. The challenge? Every time a day begins,Aiden wakes up in the body of a guest.

On Cricket
Mike Brearley
Constable, 2018, pp 416, Rs 515
One of England’s finest captains, the author, in this collection of sparkling essays, reflects on the game he has come to know so well. It ranges from the personal to controversial aspects of the professional game, including cheating, corruption and innovation, the latter often falling between genius and rebellion.