Read Of The Week (Dec 27th to Jan 2nd)

Read Of The Week (Dec 27th to Jan 2nd)

Masala Lab by Krish Ashok

Masala Lab

Ever wondered why your grandmother threw a tea bag into the pressure cooker while boiling chickpeas, or why she measured using the knuckle of her index finger? Why does a counter-intuitive pinch of salt make your kheer more intensely flavourful? What is the Maillard reaction and what does it have to do with fenugreek? What does your high-school chemistry knowledge, or what you remember of it, have to do with perfectly browning your onions?

Masala Lab by Krish Ashok is a science nerd's exploration of Indian cooking with the ultimate aim of making the reader a better cook and turning the kitchen into a joyful, creative playground for culinary experimentation. Just like memorising an equation might have helped you pass an exam, but not become a chemist, following a recipe without knowing its rationale can be a sub-optimal way of learning how to cook.

Exhaustively tested and researched and with a curious and engaging approach to food, the author puts together the one book the Indian kitchen definitely needs, proving along the way that your grandmother was right all along.