Titles to consider...

Titles to consider...

A mix of fiction and non-fiction titles for your next read

The Atlas of Reds and Blues 
Devi S Laskar  
Hachette, 2019, pp 258, Rs 550
The book grapples with the complexities 
of the second-generation American experience, 
what it means to be a woman of colour in the 
workplace, and a sister, a wife, and a mother to daughters in today’s America. 

What goes into a butterfly
Sunil Rajagopal 
Storymirror, 2019, pp 171, Rs 190
There are among us those that feel a true kinship with our wild brethren; those who are truly at ease with themselves only in the arms of nature, those who try to find meaning and answers to everything in nature.  This is an Everyman exploring the Everyday. 

The Suspect
Fiona Barton
Berkley Books, 2019, pp 416, Rs 1,461
When two 18-year-old girls go missing in Thailand, their families are thrust into international 
spotlight. And journalist Kate Waters wants to be the first to discover the truth. But she can’t help but think of her own son, whom she hasn’t seen in two years, since he left home to travel.   

Brave, Not Perfect
Reshma Saujani 
Penguin, 2019, pp 208, Rs 279
Too many of us feel crushed under the weight of our own expectations. We run ourselves ragged trying to please everyone. In this, the author  asserts that by 
being brave, not perfect, we can all become the 
authors of our biggest, boldest, and most joyful life.

Barry Jessica
Harper Collins, 2019, pp 368, Rs 1,500
A mother refuses to believe  her daughter’s 
death after her daughter’s fiancé’s private 
plane crashes. She is determined to uncover the 
truth, which sets her on a journey which makes 
this novel a thriller.

The Lady from the Black Lagoon
Mallory O’Meara
Hanover Square Press, 2019, pp 336, Rs 1,000
In a narrative with equal parts mystery and 
biography, this story interweaves the lives of two — Mallory O’Meara & Milicent Patrick (known as the only woman to have designed a classic Universal monster) women separated by decades but bound 
together by tragedies and triumphs in Hollywood.

The Age of Light
Whitney Scharer 
Picador, 2019, pp 320, Rs 538
This tells the story of Vogue model-turned-
renowned photographer Lee Miller, and her 
search to forge a new identity as an artiste 
after a life spent as a muse. She must grapple 
with the question of whether it’s possible to reconcile romantic desire with artistic ambition.

The Birth of Loud
Ian S Port
Scribner, 2019, pp 352, Rs 1,513
This is a saga in the history of rock ‘n’ roll: the 
decades-long rivalry between the two men who 
innovated the electric guitar’s amplified sound, 
Leo Fender and Les Paul, and their competition 
to convince rock stars like the Beatles, 
Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton to play the 
instruments they built.

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