Chart your own path

Chart your own path


Dear Sir,

I have completed my first year in Electronics and Communication Engineering with good grades. I study the curriculum well and grasp it but I do not venture to learn extra or self-study anything out of syllabus. I am not deeply passionate about anything specifically. As a result, I feel guilty about wasting my parent’s money. Should I continue to study my subjects and develop my interest in it or should I research on other courses that interest me?



Dear Sneha,

We are in an era of multi-tasking and combination of skills. So, if you are studying well and getting good grades, it is worth your continuing and completing the course. With a foundation in Electronics, you can start looking around to see what you can add to your skills. Examples could be design, writing & documentation, training, teaching, research etc.  Before you take the step to move into uncharted territory, ensure that you are not only interested in it, but also have the necessary skills and talent to back you up.  Many engineers have moved into unrelated fields and have been successful.


Dear Sir,

I am a first year PUC student (PCMB). Forensic science as a subject fascinates me and I wish to become a forensic scientist. What course should I pursue in forensic science after 10+2? Also, could you suggest some colleges in Bengaluru offering courses in this subject?



Dear Richa,

Before you enter into this field since you have one more year to decide, I would like you to understand that Forensic Science is a highly specialised vocation with limited job opportunities in India. Forensic Science Laboratories of the government employ very selectively and very occasionally. If you are confident of charting your own path you could apply to any of the reputed universities such as Gujarat Forensic Science University(, Karnatak University, University of Madras, Punjab University, etc.  In Bengaluru, Jain University offers a degree course.

The other option is for you to do MBBS and then apply for an MD in Forensic Science which again is offered by a few selected medical colleges.


Dear Sir,

I’m good in Science and Maths, at least above average. I want to enter into an IIT. And I’m really confused whether to study in Bengaluru or at Kota. Which are the good centres for studying in both the places and which is the better place of the two?



Dear Kruthikesh,

IITs are engineering colleges like any other, but with more illustrious reputation and track record. If you are clear that you wish to become an engineer, then you can prepare for both JEE and CET and depending on what your merit rank is, you can seek admission in one of the IITs, NITs, central colleges or state colleges. There are good coaching centres in every city including Bengaluru though Kota has acquired a popularity which may be over-rated.


Dear Sir,

I have completed my PUC II (PCMC). I need to do Aeronautical engineering. Can I do Aeronautical engineering after pursuing BTech in Electronics and Communication engineering?



Dear Irbaz,

You can pursue Electronics and Communication engineering in any good college, and then aim for an ME, MTech or MS in aeronautical or aerospace engineering in one of the reputed institutions in India, or even going abroad if you can get a reasonable scholarship. The aeronautical industry requires engineers from mechanical, electronics, computer science, instrumentation and telecommunication branches.

Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 10 (CBSE). I am passionate about Physics and Mathematics. What are the career opportunities that I have and what courses do I have to take in 12th?



Dear Sharada,

Being passionate about a particular subject is not enough to select your career. You need to evaluate all your traits from personality, social skills, concentration, multiple intelligences, commercial acumen etc because each of these contributes to your success in different fields. You can take up PCM with any fourth subject for +2 and start listing down your skills and aptitude. Then you can be ready when you finish your 12th to decide whether you would like to take up engineering, pure sciences, applied science, mathematical applications related careers etc.

Dear Sir,

I am studying in Class 10. I want to study Psychology afterwards. Can you please elaborate on the role of a Psychologist. Which combination should I opt for in Class 11? I also would like to know the duration, job prospects and scope of this field in Please suggest some good institutions in the State.



Dear Namitha,

It is good that you wish to go away from the beaten path and make a career in understanding and relating to human beings, which can be very satisfying and rewarding also. You may opt for Arts subjects in 11th, and you will need to study four optionals as per the choices offered by the school you will be studying in. Ensure that you have Psychology and Sociology as two of them. Subsequently, you will do a graduation in psychology, preferably an honors degree, and then select your specialisation when you go for an MSc. Job prospects are reasonably good, though you may not expect salaries on par with IT and other lucrative fields. 


Dear Sir,

I completed 10th in 2014 and after that, I joined my dad’s business. Now I realise that it was a big mistake. Now I want to pursue my studies. Can I write PUC II exam directly with the help of my personal studies and coaching? Which is the easy subject for me now? Please guide.

Aziz Hashmi


Dear Aziz,

Yes, you can apply as a private candidate to do your PUC, or you can apply for the 12th standard exam through National Institute of Open Schooling ( where you have a wider choice of subjects. If you have been happy doing business, you may take up commerce related subjects.

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