To choose the right college

To choose the right college

Commerce offers students a wide range of career options.

As students begin a new journey after Class 10, an important decision will have to be taken: that of which stream of study to take up next — Science, Commerce or Arts? While there may be a lot of confusion, it is important to select a stream wisely.

Over the past few years, the number of students taking up Commerce has increased as many of them feel they can get better jobs in the field. But what does it entail? Students who take up this course get insights into how trade and business activities take place, by studying subjects like Economics and Business Studies. By the end of their studies, they would have developed their business acumen, financial literacy and analytical skills. After studying Commerce, students can have a career in fields like accounting, financial management and banking.

If you are looking at taking up Commerce, here are some tips that can help you out:

  • Scope: Commerce is a very vast area that provides a lot of employment opportunities. At the undergraduate level, students can do courses like BCom or BBA, while at the postgraduate level, students can do courses like MBA or MCom. The student can also take up professional examinations like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Law etc.
  • Institution: Once you have made the decision to study Commerce, the next step is to select the right college. You have to consider various factors before finalising on an institution. Check if the college has the necessary infrastructure to support your studies, whether it updates its syllabus regularly and implements innovative teaching tools, among others.
  • Academics: One of the most essential aspects to look at is how the prescribed syllabus is being delivered. How is it being taught? What techniques are the teachers using to ensure that every student understands the syllabus? Do not hesitate to ask for the threadbare details.
  • Add-on value: Nowadays, it is not just about how the syllabus is being delivered but also about how students can be prepared to become a competent and dynamic individual in a workforce. There are a number of programmes such as Tally and Analytics that add value to academic learning.
  • Lateral skills: As the job market is constantly changing, it has become important that students develop the necessary skills that can enable them to be creative problem solvers. So, check if the colleges are offering opportunities to improve the students’ skill set.
  • Quality teaching: Well-trained teachers go a long way in enhancing the performance of students. Understanding the mindset and ability of the students and teaching accordingly is the essence of good teaching. The profiles of teachers and the pedagogical methodology they adopt have to be verified before admission.
  • After-school activities: Activities such as guest lectures, seminars and role plays that support the curriculum are essential. Further, sports programmes make the students strong both physically and mentally. Conducting fests, interesting business games and entertainment programmes not only motivate but also rejuvenate the students.
  • Integrated courses: Starting early is always better. If you are aiming at professional examinations like CA, then it is necessary to start preparing well in advance. Some institutions offer special coaching for foundation courses so that the students can take up these exams within the stipulated time immediately after PUC II. However, one should ensure that these extra classes do not burden the students too much.
  • Fee structure: Obviously, one of the questions that comes to mind is the college fees. Do not be carried away by what others say. Consider this as an investment and do some research.
  • Hostel: Those students who live in distant places should look for good accommodation that has the necessary safety measures in place and offers clean and hygienic food. Good infrastructure is another criterion.

Make an informed decision keeping these pointers in mind. Care should be taken to ensure that the students move on to a positive environment. This is the crucial time to choose the right path and progress in the right direction. So, search for an appropriate institution and begin the next journey!