Fond of animals? Consider these jobs

Fond of animals? Consider these jobs

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If you are one of those who is in love with furry creatures, how about turning this passion into your profession? It will not only give you the much-needed job satisfaction but also help earn well. Animal careers can be rewarding but with so many options available, it is important that you plan properly and prepare yourself for the unique journey. 

While formal education is preferable, many start with on-the-job training. Interning and volunteering for veterinary clinics, wildlife rehabilitation centres or animal rescue organisations will give you the necessary exposure in animal behaviour, nutrition and other related aspects. You can also gain valuable insights into what animal careers are like by talking to someone who is already working in this field. Here is a list of options that you can explore.


Veterinary medicine focuses on the healthcare of animals. Veterinarians (vets) examine animals to diagnose the cause of their illnesses, treat injuries, prescribe medications and perform surgeries. Veterinarians must put in long hours and deal with life-threatening situations on a regular basis. Vets can work in government hospitals, private clinics, research centres or farms. It is considered one of the best careers for animal lovers. In order to become a vet, you have to complete a Bachelor in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry from a university recognised by the Veterinary Council of India. You can also pursue a Masters degree subsequently.

Animal groomer

The concept of grooming is commonly associated with dogs although some other animals like horses and cats require grooming, too. Groomers help maintain appearance and hygiene of the pets. They brush, bathe, clip fur and nails and make sure the pets look clean and tidy. Animals maintained by professional groomers are clean and hygienic. Of late, pet groomers are in huge demand, particularly during pet shows. In order to be a pet groomer, it is essential for you to undergo some training related to animal care. It is good to have a BSc in Zoology. A certificate course in pet grooming will add to your credibility. You need to be calm and patient while handling animals of different sizes and temperaments.

Pet sitter

Pet sitting is a great option where you get to take care of some adorable pets while their owners are busy elsewhere. This can either be in your own home or visiting theirs once or twice a day. Some amount of knowledge on animal behaviour and a great deal of love is enough for this role. You can do this along with your regular job or studies as well. 

Dog walker

If you love dogs then this will surely be your dream job. A lot of owners do not find enough time for the dog walk because of their busy schedule. This is where a dog walker steps in. You do not need any special training to be a dog walker. The love for dogs and the motivation to take them out for walks every day are what required for this task. You can start off by walking your neighbours’ or friends’ dogs and thereafter get other clients as the word spreads.

Animal photographer

If you love photography and are fond of nature, wildlife and animals as well, then you can choose to be an animal photographer. Taking a photography course is preferred though not mandatory. All you will need is the right equipment.

You may specialise in wildlife photography or pet photography. Wildlife photography involves a lot of travelling and spending time outdoors to capture the best moments. On the other hand, pet photography is all about taking pictures of pets in your own studio or in the owner’s houses as per the requirement of the client. A degree or diploma in photography will be useful for this career.


Zookeepers are those who take care of animals in zoos. Their job includes cleaning and maintaining the living area, feeding the animals, administering medication if any, reporting any unusual behaviour to the veterinarian, and keeping records. In order to become a zookeeper, you must obtain a degree in wildlife management or animal behaviour from a recognised university. You can expect a decent salary in this position. 

Animal trainers

Animal trainers teach animals like cats, dogs, horses etc to display certain behaviours and to stop undesired behaviours. They also train them to respond to human commands, voice and touch. Training an animal is not an easy job because you have the risk of getting injured yourself. However, with professional training, you can do the job efficiently. There are some institutes in the country that offer short-term pet training courses to help realise your dream.

Pet behaviour counsellor

Pet behaviour counsellors help pet owners with their pets’ behaviour problems. They work with a variety of undesirable animal behaviours ranging from general disobedience to toilet problems and aggression. You will need a degree in zoology or related discipline to start as a professional counsellor. A course on animal behaviour will also be helpful to excel in this field.