Having a clear focus helps

Having a clear focus helps


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Dear Sir,

I have completed my civil engineering with 63% aggregate. I have also attended PGCET and my ranking is 5300. I am confused whether to join MTech or take up a job. Most of the companies ask a minimum experience of two years. If you feel that MTech is a better option, please suggest some possible scholarships also.



Dear Akib,

If you have a clear focus on which technical field you would like to specialise in, and if you are getting admission in MTech/MS in that subject in a reputed college, then it is worth acquiring the higher qualification, after which you will get a suitable job. But if you are unsure of your domain specialisation and also whether you would like to be in pure technology or in other fields such as management, data analytics, marketing, product development etc, then it is better to get at least a year’s work experience in any organisation that gives you an opportunity to learn about the various activities, departments etc. This will help you decide on your long-term goals. Based on that you can then plan ahead for higher studies.


Dear Sir, 

I am currently studying in first year BSc (Biotechnology). I always wanted to pursue engineering after 12th, but couldn’t do so because of my poor performance in CET. Also, my parents, relatives and friends discouraged me saying I am weak in Maths to do engineering. As a result, I opted for BSc but I am not happy. Please advise.



Dear Shirisha,

Career selection should be based on a combination of your interest and capabilities.  If you are weak in Math and could not get a seat through CET in engineering, then it is good that you did not somehow get into it through management quota etc.  BSc Biotechnology is a fundamental course that gives you an exposure to the world of life sciences. If you are good in Botany, Zoology, Chemistry etc, you can use your degree as a stepping stone to get into specialised Masters courses that offer good career opportunities.  
A sample list is wildlife, animal welfare, environmental science, cognitive (brain) sciences, paramedical fields, plant pathology, genetics, medical microbiology, food & nutrition, horticulture, etc.

If you do not wish to lose a year, study your Biotechnology subjects well, maintain good grades, and when you come to final year start exploring reputed institutions where you can take up a Masters programme and then become a specialist. Also, start evaluating whether you would like to be in research, product development, quality control, marketing, teaching & training, documentation, in your domain specialisation so that you can take up the most suitable Masters course. If you are very disappointed with what you are studying right now, and are willing to give up a year, then explore all possible careers that are open to you, decide carefully about your long-term career goals, and join a reputed institute for the most relevant degree course.


Dear Sir,

I have completed my MPharm (Industrial Pharmacy) but have a poor academic career. So, I shifted my career to FMCG industry and worked for eight years. I didn’t like the job profile and resigned. Currently, I am unemployed. I also did my MBA in HR from IGNOU. Can I pursue a different career other than R&D? Please advise. 

Sudarshan Murthy


Dear Sudarshan,

You do have a difficult situation. As you are aware, jobs are not easily available to those who wish to shift careers mid-way unless they have specific skills that are of great use to the employer. Also, it is better to finalise another job before quitting the current one. Otherwise, as you have seen, your market value goes down. You have mentioned that you do not wish to continue in R&D where you have experience. On the other hand, you are qualified in Human Resources Management (HR) but you have no experience in the field. Also, your MBA is from a distance learning programme so you have not had hands-on exposure.  Despite that, if you are unwilling to take up a fresher’s role (entry-level job), you may find it extremely difficult to get a suitable opening. And as more time passes by, you will not only face financial challenges, your market value will go down further, and not being in a job will deprive you of learning current trends and happenings.  Hence it will be better if you take a decision at the earliest, compromise initially on the type of work or salary you may be offered, and get back into the working world, from where you can take further deviations and changes. 


Dear Sir,

I have completed my second PUC (History, Economics, Political Science and Sociology). Now, in my undergraduate course, I have chosen HEP. Is this combination good enough to do my masters in English? I am interested in English literature and want to teach at a university. Please guide me in finding good colleges as well.



Dear Afreena,

It would have been very nice if you had taken up English or Communication as one of your subjects in degree, which would have made it easier for you to get admission in a good Master’s course. For the next three years, you are going to be studying subjects that are not connected to English literature, and hence, even if you get admission in MA English, you will be out of touch with the subject. One option would be for you to take up part-time or online courses in Literature or English language as an add-on to what you are studying. If your grades in degree are very good, then there will be some universities that may give you admission for higher studies. Some of the reputed universities for English Literature include the Central University of English and Foreign Languages Hyderabad, Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi, Mysore University, Azim Premji University Bengaluru, and many other reputed colleges affiliated to various universities.



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