It's time you think beyond engineering

It's time you think beyond engineering


Dear Sir,

I have completed Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical stream). I am currently working in the aerospace service industry and am eagerly looking forward to switching to Data Science. Two reasons behind this thought are: I am pretty good in mathematical and analytical skills, while Data Science is one of the remunerative jobs and this industry is expected to grow exponentially. What is your suggestion on this? Being a non-programming professional, can I learn Data Science? Does my three years of experience in the aerospace domain stop me from finding a job in Data Science? 

Harsha C


Dear Harsha,

It is nice that you are exploring a very upcoming field since you have been able to evaluate that you are good at mathematical and analytical skills. Your experience in aerospace will not be a hurdle, and in fact, in some ways may help you identify areas of specialisation once you get into analytics. There are many job openings in Data Science which are not directly connected to programming, and you can move into them. Since you are working, it may be good if you could take up either a part-time or online course that will give you a foundation in Data Sciences and then you can take a decision whether you would like to quit your job and take up a full-time Masters programme in India or abroad. 


Dear Sir,

I’m studying in Class 12 (PCMC). I need guidance on how I can continue my studies further in a good field, except in engineering.



Dear Akanksha,

There are innumerable good fields beyond engineering.  Since you have come to the 12th standard you can take a basic decision whether you wish to make a career in science-related fields, or whether you would be better in management, people, creativity, materials, projects and so many others. In fact, there is nothing preventing you from even pursuing Law, Chartered Accountancy, Design, HR, mass communication and other non-science fields. You need to evaluate your strengths, your personality traits, your interest and your aptitude. Based on that, you can select the degree course that will take you to your goals. It will be nice if you could do it at the earliest before you get busy with Board exams, as many reputed institutions start their admission process months earlier.


Dear Sir,

My grandson is studying in 8th standard. His academic interests include Physics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. His aim is to join the Indian Institute of Science. Please guide.



Dear Manjunath,

If he wishes to study pure science in reputed institutions such as IISc, IISERs, NISERs etc, then he can appear for the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana exam when he enters 11th. Details are available on Some of the top institutions also take candidates through JEE-Advanced. At present, encourage him to explore science beyond academics, attend workshops during his holidays, increase his awareness and knowledge of the fields so that he will be able to take a well-thought-out decision once he finishes school.


Dear Sir,

I am a final year mechanical engineering student and an automotive enthusiast. I want to work for automotive-related TV shows. Which stream would you suggest me to pursue after my engineering?



Dear Sawaan,

It depends on whether you wish to work in the technical field of product development, quality control, etc., or whether you are interested only in being in the media. If your interest is specifically to work with TV channels then it may be advisable for you to take up a two years Masters course in Mass Communication, with specialisation in TV. It is offered by many reputed institutions and universities all over the country. Once you have acquired the basic skills of media, you have the choice to work in automobile related channels or any other field.


Dear Sir,

I am in first-year PUC (PCMB). I am interested in pursuing a career in psychology. I am confused about what I should take after second PUC, science or arts. I would also like to know if this field has a good scope in India. Please guide.



Dear Sujaya,

If you are clear about psychology as your long-term goal, then you may seek admission in a BA degree course with psychology as one of the subjects, or even a BA (Honors) in psychology. Do check out their syllabus and browse through the textbooks, since you have not studied psychology in PUC. Also, before your classes start, you can briefly study the psychology textbook of PUC to make up for the gap. That will give you a basic foundation in the field, and you can move on to doing your masters specialising in clinical, industrial, counselling, or child psychology. Do not worry about the scope in India, because you can work online in organisations in any part of the world if you are good at it.


Dear Sir,

I am in the 7th semester of Computer Science engineering. After my BE, I am planning to do my commercial pilot training. Can you suggest good pilot training institutions, cost and job opportunities?

Pavan S


Dear Pavan,

Pilot training institutions are available both in India and abroad. You have to start with your student pilot licence (SPL), move on to private pilot licence (PPL), and then your commercial pilot licence (CPL). Many students go abroad if they wish to have better aircraft to train on, for faster training and licencing etc. Either way, the cost will be upward of Rs 50 lakh, to begin with, and you will have to then spend money to get yourself upgraded to multi-engine, bigger jets, night flying etc. Job opportunities in aviation are cyclical, sometimes there is tremendous demand for pilots and on other years there is a recession. You will have to be prepared for these ups and downs.


Dear Sir,

I am a Class 9 student. I want to take up astrophysics. What are the further steps or courses to be taken for this? Which are the best colleges in India offering astrophysics?



Dear Sam,

Astrophysics is mostly offered in India at the postgraduate level. You may take up science after 10th, appear for the KVPY exam and get into a good institution to study basic physics. Eventually, you can go on to specialise in astrophysics at Indian Institute of Astrophysics ( or IISc in Bengaluru, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Thiruvananthapuram, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Pune, Osmania University Hyderabad, Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences Nainital etc.