What Juhi Chawla can't travel without

What Juhi Chawla can't travel without

The travel essentials of Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla, the beautiful and bubbly star, is someone who everybody adores. The actor, who ruled the screens in the 90s, is known for her effortless charm and commendable acting talent. In recent times, her performance in films such as Gulaab Gang and Chalk n Duster showcased a different side of her persona and earned her a lot of praise.

Juhi feels fortunate that her work takes her to all the lovely places in the world. “Thanks to the nature of my work, I have visited some outstanding cities and towns, and the most exotic locations in the world. I have had the good fortune of not just seeing beautiful landscapes, but also working there,” she says.

She recollects the first time she fell in love with a place while travelling. “During my initial days in cinema, I travelled to Switzerland and absolutely fell in love with it. It’s pretty as a picture: the mountains, the flowers, the lakes and the greenery! There are cottages and little churches everywhere,” she says.

Some of her favourite holiday destinations are Indonesia and Japan, which make her feel very warm. She also reveals how travelling around the world has made her realise how beautiful our own country is.

Juhi is most excited when she’s holidaying with her family. And it’s her husband who plans all the holidays. “If I am going with my family for a casual holiday, I am most happy and excited, and always ready to go. But work-related trips worry me because packing for travelling is a nightmare!” she exclaims.

After years and years of travelling, Juhi says she has finally managed to get her head around the art of packing smartly. Here are her travel essentials:

Multi-purpose items

“I always carry things that can be mixed and matched. For example, I take basic things like blue jeans, white tops, black shirts, some jackets that I can wear on top of my t-shirts, and so on,” Juhi explains.

Juhi likes to keep things basic and simple. She says, “I carry things in two to three colours so that I don’t have to carry too many shoes. I like to keep my attire basic, simple, fresh and ‘mix and matchable’.”

There’s one neat trick that Juhi has for all those shopping sojourns. “In my bag, I always carry one extra little bag that’s foldable. I use it for all the shopping I do,” she reveals.

Juhi is a fan of layering and this helps her while she packs her holiday suitcase. “If I am travelling to cold places, I don’t carry warm clothes, but clothes that I can properly layer up. So, I carry shirts and t-shirts, jackets, and some wraps. Thus, I am only adding layers to my existing clothes instead of carrying warm ones separately,” she says.


Comfort is key for Juhi while travelling. “When there’s a lot of walking around to do on my holiday, I ensure I carry a pair of comfortable shoes. Something that goes with most of my clothes, and also looks good,” she states.


Not a big fan of accessories, Juhi likes to be accessory-free on her holidays. “When I need to accessorise for a holiday, I never carry real jewellery. I only carry accessories which look fabulous because I don’t want to be burdened when on a holiday,” Juhi says.

Little things

“Of course, on every holiday, I never forget my wallet, credit cards, sunglasses and lip balm,” she says.