'Teacher-student relationship needs redefinition'

'Teacher-student relationship needs redefinition'

NITK, Surathkal Director Prof Umashankar Rao speaks at the valedictory of year-long celebrations of silver jubilee of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), at Manipal on Saturday

NITK Director Prof Umashankar Rao said the relationship between the teacher and a student needed to be redefined. 

Prof Rao addressing the gathering at the valedictory of year long celebrations of silver jubilee of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE).

He urged the teachers to reinvent the lost glory of teacher-student relationship. “Nearly 15 lakh engineers graduate every year and 15 percent of them are employable. The engineers thus work as clerks and in other positions fetching low salaries. Where does the object oriented vision leads in this backdrop?”he questioned.

“Teachers are failing in their duty by not recognising the needs of the country. India’s tragedy is that 33 percent of the country’s population live under poverty, while more than 60 percent of women are forced to defecate in the open,” he said.

NITK Director said that the knowledge of philosophy should not become the business entity.

“All  aspirations for the children appears to be pre-destined in the house and the children has no role to play. The tradition has created vengeance and enmity among students. Made in India and Make in India should be the priority. Teaching should be approached with a different concern. The brilliant students can look after themselves, while it is the less intelligent students who need attention,” Rao said.