Traffic logjam for an hour on NH 234

Traffic logjam for an hour on NH 234

Vehicles lined up on National Highway 234 near Phalguni village in Mudigere on Thursday.

Vehicles on National Highway 234 passing through Mudigere, near Phalguni village, were held up for about an hour on Thursday evening.

There are 16 mini bridges under construction as a part of the widening work on the national highway. Roads, however, have caved in at many places on the stretch due to the work and the constant movement of heavy vehicles has only made things worse for the other vehicle users.

As the wheels of a lorry that was transporting stones got stuck in a pothole on Thursday morning, vehicular movement on the road came to a standstill for an hour. The vehicles were lined up on both sides of the road. School-going students and passengers travelling to Mangaluru faced inconvenience due to the traffic logjam.

An earthmover was engaged to clear the blockade and facilitate the smooth movement of traffic.