Unscientific humps on NH pose threat to motorists

Unscientific humps on NH pose threat to motorists

Pothole-filled humps on the National Highway 206 in Kadur.

The humps laid unscientifically on the stretch of the National Highway 206 that passes through Kadur town is posing a threat to the life of motorists.

The speed breakers have not been laid scientifically at Basaveshwara Circle and at Maravanji Circle, in front of the Government First Grade College, and near the Karnataka Bank branch.

The eight to 10 small speed breakers laid at one spot have been causing great inconvenience to two-wheeler riders. There have been already numerous instances when vehicles have crashed into them because of the unscientific design or inadequate visibility of the humps.

In addition, there are now potholes on the speed breakers.

Ironically, in spite of the speed breakers, the bus drivers are found to drive rashly.

In order to avoid the speed breakers, the truck and lorry drivers, however, travel beside the road, causing further inconvenience to pedestrians too.

Citizens have urged the authorities to remove the unscientific humps and lay new speed breakers following the guidelines of road safety.