Villages marooned during monsoon

Villages marooned during monsoon

Villager Shivaiah carries a farm implement in flood waters at Benkalli of Somwarpet taluk.

The rain has brought misery to several villages in Shanthalli hobli.

The villages have been marooned by rain with water from rivers and rivulets flowing all over.

Several rivulets that join Kumaradhara river overflow into these villages. Villagers said that they cannot grow crops if the flood level increases.

To add to their misery, rain coupled with gusty wind uproots trees and electricity poles, disrupting power supply.

Pushpagiri hilly range generally receives heavy rain. Benkalli, Kudigana, Kothanahalli, Jattanahalli and Mallalli receive more than 300 inches of rainfall annually.

Majority of the roads in these villages are unmotorable. Several youths have already migrated to cities in search of employment.

Binkalli farmer Shivayya said, “During the rainy season we cannot move outside. We have to store the required food items for three months. We have a herculean task to reach the hospital in case of emergency.”

Mallappa said, “No one listens to our woes. The officials visit and listen to grievances and leave. The connecting bridge should be constructed in areas which get submerged during monsoon.”

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