Woman murdered at her house in Napoklu

Woman murdered at her house in Napoklu

A woman was murdered and 100 grams of gold jewellery was looted from her house at Kumbaladalu in Napoklu on Saturday.

According to the police, the deceased is Radha (74). She was living alone in the house.

It is said that Radha’s son, Nandakumar, who is staying in Bengaluru had tried contacting her. As there was no response, he contacted his mother’s neighbour Leelavathi, who in turn contacted Radha’s daughter, Jhansi, who was staying 2-km away from Radha’s house. 

When Jhansi arrived, the front door was locked while the back door was open. She found her mother lying down with blood on her nose. 

The police said at the outset it looks like Radha was murdered by strangulation. 

A case has been registered.