'Jalasiri' project DPR revised to Rs 460 cr

'Jalasiri' project DPR revised to Rs 460 cr

The revised detailed project report (DPR) now aims at implementing ADB (Asian Development Bank)-funded 'Jalasiri’ project at a revised cost of Rs 460.83 crore.

The project envisages supplying water to 60 wards in Mangaluru city 24/7. 

The Jalasiri project is being implemented under the Karnataka Integrated Water Management Investment Programme (KIWMIP) which aims at strengthening the distribution system and providing 24 X 7 water supply.

The project is being implemented keeping in mind the population growth of Mangaluru city for the next 30 years.


On July 19, 2018, Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) council in a special meeting had approved a DPR of Rs 390 crore.

But after the technical scrutiny committee and the technical committee suggested changes to strengthen the water supply system, the DPR was revised. An additional cost of Rs 70.83 crore is now estimated. The revised DPR was submitted to the government for approval after obtaining MCC council’s approval, MCC sources told DH.

The revised DPR envisages construction of 20 new water storage tanks, eight boosting pumphouses, construction of a new filtration unit with 18 MGD capacity at Ramalkatte, change in the pipelines to connect to the new overhead tanks, laying new pipelines, laying additional 1383-km long High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) distribution lines. 

It also includes repair of roads damaged during the pipeline work and shifting of utility lines. After the project is complete, every household will be connected with Class-B multijet water meter.

The DPR also proposes changes to the design of 81.7 MLD filter house and sludge management system. It also proposes to use SCADA technology for computerising Thumbe purification unit to all the water storage units.

Salient features

All the residents in 60 wards of the MCC will get 24X7 water once the Jalasiri project is implemented. The responsibility, operation and maintenance of the water supply system will be handed over to a contractor for eight years after the implementation. New pipelines and parallel pipelines to the existing ones will be laid.

A pressure relief valve will be installed for the distribution lines. The height of overhead tanks will be increased to 15 metre from 12 metre, 18 metre from 15 metre, 20 metre and 22.5 metre from 18 metre.

The design of the overhead tank will be changed to shaft type from column type.

The design of the drinking water line will be changed and 900 mm MS pipes will be laid from Daddalkadu to Kulooru Bridge covering a distance of 2-km, officials said.

While ADB is releasing Rs 218.5 crore, the balance will be raised through Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation (KUIDFC). 

Mangaluru’s population which is 5,54,183 now, is expected to touch 10,33,778 in 2046. At present, 160 MLD water is pumped from Thumbe daily and will increase to 236.60 MLD water per day by 2046.