Power of Chinese science

Power of Chinese science


Power of Chinese science

Science such as Fengshui, medicine (acupuncture), Taichi, astrology (phat chee), calligraphy and music have been part of the Chinese tradition since time immemorial.

Also, creating the right balance within the individual and in his place of dwelling. To achieve just that, people are turning to sciences like Fengshui or Vaastu, adapting them at home.

But here lies the quandary. People are ignorant about the advantages these sciences will usher in.

To add to it, brimming with questions whether Fengshui or Vaastu will work for them, will it fit their pocket and does it call for renovation or structural changes at home.

It’s common for people to have such apprehensions. What they need to know is that these sciences are tried and tested. Traditionally, buildings were designed and oriented with various components to harmonise the movement of the sun and daily human cycle according to the rotation of the Earth and the position of the sun . It was observed that homes that were not properly aligned or had no sense of orientation, gave rise to restlessness, misfortune, and sickness. It’s not advisable to adopt Vaastu or Fengshui if you are averse or sceptical about their effects on your life. Be ready for change
The house design should facilitate cross ventilation in the northeast sector and invite ample sunlight.

*Avoid keeping a mop, broomstick or trash can in this sector as it would pollute the positive energy flowing through.
*Positioning toilets in the northeast sector would deprive the building from positive bio-cosmic forces and cause immense ill effects to the occupants.
*Activate the northeast sector with earthen ware and crystals as it helps in activating education luck, literary pursuits and scholarly skills.

(The author is a Fengshui consultant and traditional Vaastu practitioner)
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