AAP caps to Kejriwal, with love from Congress

AAP caps to Kejriwal, with love from Congress

The Delhi unit of the Congress claims that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) ship is sinking, and to prove it they are couriering caps of defecting members back to Arvind Kejriwal’s party.

Many AAP deserters are joining the Congress in what appears to be a sign of AAP’s impending downfall, city Congress spokesperson Mukesh Sharma said on Friday.

The party has now decided to courier ‘aam aadmi caps’ of former AAP members with their registration number written on them, to AAP founder Arvind Kejriwal as a token of proof.

“We are continuously getting calls from AAP leaders and many of them have expressed desire to work for the Congress. As a token of proof that no fake members are joining, we have asked AAP members to come with their trademark caps and their party registration numbers. We will courier all of the caps with member registration numbers printed on them, to Kejriwal. Five major AAP faces are likely to join the Congress by next week,” said Sharma.
He said AAP members who are joining the Congress feel that they have been duped by the party, adding that five more AAP leaders – some of them in charge of the AAP election campaign – will soon join the Congress.

“The AAP is not taking care of its members. They were lured with false promises to join the AAP. They had worked hard for the party in last Assembly elections but now they have realised that Kejriwal does not care about them and he wants to become the prime minister,” he added. On Thursday, AAP founder member Maulana Asharfi had joined the Congr­ess and asked supporters to dump AAP caps.

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