Fireworks, music fest at CP ahead of I-Day

Fireworks, music fest at CP ahead of I-Day

This Independence Day would be much more than hoisting flag and flying kites. As a part of the centenary celebrations of the council, the NDMC plans to surprise Delhiites with engaging activities starting Monday.

“I hope the markets do not fall short of balloons, kites and firecrackers from August 11,” said Jalaj Shrivastava, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) chairperson.

This year’s major attraction would be the display of fireworks atop buildings in Connaught Place post 10 pm from August 11 to 15. The arrangement is still awaiting police clearance though.

The NDMC is also planning to float monumental balloons and fly kites which would attract attention of tourists in addition to the monumental flag at Central Park.Starting Monday, there will be musical festival at Connaught Place. Giant screens will be put up in Central Park for the audience.

“The idea is even if you are walking around, you still get to hear and see the event. Giant screens will be put up all over so that you get a feel of the event’s theme of independence,” said Shrivastava.

The white walls of Connaught Place will be used for projecting slideshows on the history of independence. “We realised nothing can be better than using the natural white pristine walls of the market for slideshows. Slides on the history of independence will be rolled for public viewing,” the chairperson said.

Like every year, NDMC schools will organise processions and Independence Day-related cultural programmes.

The parks under NDMC will not be discounted from the week-long celebrations either. Fragrance Park and Sanjay Jheel will be decorated. “However, the celebrations at Lodhi Garden, Talkatora Garden and Nehru Garden would be limited,” said Shrivastava. 

As India celebrates is 68th Independence Day, the council is planning to decorate major roads and parks with 68 flags made of flowers on August 14-15. The Palika Kendra building, which houses the council office, will be decorated with a life-size canvas with the palm imprints and initials of all the current employees.

“We are also organising a photo exhibition of rare photographs dating back to 1930s in Connaught Place. The photographs would speak of the struggle for independence,” said the chairperson.

The greatest attraction for Independence Day is Raahgiri Day at Connaught Place, in which the markets will be closed and the roads traffic free so that Delhiites can enjoy being on the streets.