Bhyrappa sees conspiracy against Modi in Rafale deal

Bhyrappa sees conspiracy against Modi in Rafale deal

S L Bhyrappa

Writer S L Bhyrappa, on Sunday, alleged that a conspiracy has been hatched against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in connection with Rafale deal.

Addressing the gathering at a symposium on novel ‘Uttara Kanda’, here, Bhyrappa said, “All India Congress Committee (AICC) president Rahul Gandhi has accused Modi of joining hands with Anil Ambani of Reliance Group and looting crores of rupees in Rafale deal. Bhyrappa said, “In our country, it is easy to make a person step down from his position but, it is difficult to prove the allegations. Is there any punishment for those who make false allegations, he questioned.”

The then prime minister Indira Gandhi had silenced her detractors and the people by declaring an internal emergency. Morarji Desai became prime minister after the Janata Parivar-led coalition government came to power. But the Congmen forced Morarji to resign by making allegations that he was supporting the big companies to further his son’s cause. They keep doing it, forcing good administrators to step down, Bhyrappa said.

 “Is it right to give power to Rahul Gandhi, who was born in Italy.”

Targeting the state government, he said, the person, who is in power, must understand the financial health of the state before introducing any scheme.  “It is not right to introduce the schemes to please a section/s of the society,” he said.