Budget 2020: Expectations from consumer goods industry

Budget 2020: Expectations from consumer durables industry

By  Arjun Bajaj

“Television we’ve established isn’t a mere luxury anymore and therefore we’re hoping for 32” above sizes to come under the 18% GST slab in lieu of the current 28% as it is not a baleful product for having to bear the brunt of such heavy GST. On the manufacturing front, it’d be great if government takes additional steps in improving the infrastructure and reducing input cost on components coming from China which would aid Indian sellers in setting up bigger and advanced manufacturing units and would level the play field to compete with the Chinese Giants, strengthening the make in India initiative in the process.

"Also, India as of now doesn’t have any open cell manufacturing plant so the 0% cell duty which is only valid till September is arbitrary as it would only go up again so it’d make more sense if it remains zero until open cell manufacturing happens in India. Lastly, encouraging the Make in India, the government must bring preference with duties/schemes, etc, for those who are Manufacturing in India over the imported Brands”

(The author is Director Videotex, Daiwa & Telefunken)

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