Budget 2020: Setting the tone for automotive industry

Budget 2020: Setting the tone for automotive industry

Rajeev Chaba

By Rajeev Chaba

"The budget announcements will be key to setting the tone for 2020 for the automotive industry. The government’s recent announcements on the promotion of EVs in India, especially for government use and public transport, is encouraging. However, we feel that more work needs to be done to promote EV adoption in India not only in public transport but amongst private customers as well. 

 We hope that the government provides the right policy, incentives, and charging infrastructure to put more EVs on the road. It should also look at providing incentives to stakeholders for sourcing critical raw materials for EV battery manufacturing in India. This will enable a strong EV-centric ecosystem and will be beneficial for the long-term growth of this high-potential space."

(Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director - MG Motor India)