Budget 2020: The aim for a healthy society

Budget 2020: The aim for a healthy society

Shravan Subramanya

By Shravan Subramanyam

The efficiency and effectiveness of an economy rest on the shoulders of healthy citizens. In the Union Budget 2019, the government announced a considerable scale-up for the health sector. It was encouraging, therefore, we expect a boost in initiatives aiming at healthy society and stronger healthcare infrastructure for the country.

Our Wishlist:

1. India, compared to other countries in terms of government spending has the lowest health expenditure. This demands attention if Govt is aiming to target 2.5% by 2025

2. The focus needs to spread from treatment alone to preventive healthcare as well. There is an immediate need to increase spent percentage in preventive healthcare to provide adequate support to universal health coverage initiative

3.GST exemption for Diagnostic tests and kits at least for terminally ill and critical care setting like ICU etc

4. To have  globally harmonised regulatory reforms and legislations that pave way for introducing innovative new technologies and embracing digitalisation of healthcare services leading to better patient access

5. Consider removal or no imperative tariff barriers that may derail the availability of latest technology to healthcare providers and users. 

(Shravan Subramanyam, Managing Director, India and Neighbouring Markets, Roche Diagnostics India)

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