Top selling Blackberry application is made in Pakistan

Till recently, Lahore-based's photo editor application for Blackberry devices was among the top five selling applications on RIM's App World.
Earlier this week, it was voted the best.

The news is being celebrated in the real and the virtual world.
"Pakistan's IT industry has come a long, long way...'s laudable achievement proves that not only are Pakistan-based software companies ultra-competitive, they are, quite literally, second to none," read a note on pakteahouse, a popular ezine.

Another alert in the virtual world read: "( has hit it out of the park with their latest photo editor suite for Blackberry devices.

Photo editor has made it to number 5 on the list of Top Paid Blackberry Applications on the planet! Yes, and across all categories".

"This is a monumental achievement and represents probably the most successful consumer software application ever developed in Pakistan.

To see photo editor listed right next to apps like Facebook, and realising that every last line of code for it was written in good old Lahore, is just plain thrilling!" keeps it simple by calling its application "groundbreaking".

A note on the firm’s website said: "( announces a cure for all photos on your BB that need to be re-coloured! The cure is fast, simple and easy.

Simply download photo editor – recolour and let the magic begin.
Look out for other photo editor apps to resize, crop, rotate and adjust the brightness of your photos! A truly groundbreaking family of apps from Pepper".

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