Bar simulates stadium atmosphere for football fans

Fans of the Argentina and France teams enjoy a football match on a big screen at the Xtreme Sports Bar in Indiranagar on Saturday. DH PHOTO/Srikanta Sharma R

A bar in Indiranagar tried simulating the stadium atmosphere in Russia for the France Vs Argentina match on Saturday, delighting football fans.

The atmosphere at the Xtreme Sports Bar remained high octane as both the teams kept hitting the net, with the weekend mood adding to the excitement.

“This is the stadium for us,” said Mahesh, a fan of Argentina striker Lionel Messi. “We can’t get better fun and thrill than this. Rather than watching it alone, I like watching it here.”

The place erupted as France edged past Argentina 4-3 to book a place in the quarterfinals, though fans of the South American nation were crushed by the defeat.

The match was a particular delight for Rachana, a supporter of France. “This is the best way to watch my favourite game,” she said.

“Rooting for my favourite team with my favourite drink puts me on cloud 9.”

The bar owners had arranged three projectors in a single floor to enhance customer experience.

“It doesn’t matter who wins. I’m happy to be with my friends,” said a visitor to the club Ajith, enjoying the high fives and hoots from the France supporters.

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