Cab driver arrested for assaulting bizman

Cab driver arrested for assaulting bizman

A 24-year-old Ola cab driver was arrested for abusing and assaulting a Mumbai businessman who objected to his rash driving.

The arrested has been identified as Mithun, residing in Bommanahalli and hailing from Shravanabelagola.

The businessman, Rahul Sharma, told the police that he had booked a cab on October 26 at 2.30 am from Kammanahalli to a hotel in Jalahalli.

Mithun turned up half an hour late to pick up Sharma. He was driving recklessly at a high speed. When Sharma asked him to slow down, Mithun continued to drive in a high speed and began abusing Sharma in Kannada, thinking the businessman does not understand the language. But Sharma’s wife, who was also in the cab, hails from Bengaluru.

When Mithun stopped at a gas station, Sharma asked him to fill gas later as it was getting late for him. But Mithun continued to ignore him and kept abusing the businessman throughout the ride.

On reaching their destination, Sharma's wife questioned Mithun about his behavior. He spoke to her disrespectfully and stabbed Sharma in the head with his keys when the businessman asked him to explain his rudeness.

The hotel staff observed the bleeding Sharma and came to his rescue. Sharma received treatment at a nearby hospital before filing the police complaint on Saturday.

Jalahalli police inspector B S Yashwanth said Mithun has been arrested based on Sharma’s complaint and was charged with assault, wrongful wrongful restraint and criminal intimidation.