Man 'killed by roommate' during petty fight

Man 'killed by roommate' during petty fight

A 24-year-old man was allegedly killed by his roommate during a fight over sharing the money from the sale of a mobile phone. 

Irfan was allegedly attacked with a lethal weapon by Naveen at their room in Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Pattegarapalya, West Bengaluru, on Monday night. 

The duo, who were running a scrap shop in Pattegarapalya in partnership, shared a room. They had recently sold a mobile phone and fought over sharing the money. They came home around 10 pm and got into an argument. Things soon went out of hand, and Naveen attacked Irfan with a lethal weapon, inflicting critical injuries on his abdomen. He died on the spot. 

Local residents called the jurisdictional Vijayanagar police who nabbed Naveen. 

A police officer said they were questioning Naveen to find out what exactly triggered the murderous assault.