Spurned lover abducts, locks up, batters married woman

Spurned lover abducts, locks up, batters married woman

A married woman was allegedly abducted, locked up and battered by her former colleague who was obsessed with being her life partner. 

The 27-year-old victim somehow convinced her suitor to take her out for shopping, and sneaked out when he went to an ATM to withdraw cash. The drama unfolded over about eight hours in southern Bengaluru on July 6. 

The woman works as an executive at a BPO in Electronics City. Previously, she worked for a software technology company on Bannerghatta Road. It was here that she came in contact with Gowtham V, the suspect. 

Gowtham was so smitten by her that he started making advances to her. The pair often talked over the phone. Things changed when the woman quit the job and moved to Electronics City. 

On July 6, Gawtham phoned her and requested that she meet him as he wants to discuss "something very important". The woman agreed and went to the designated place around noon. To her shock, she told the police, Gowtham bundled her into a car and drove to his house in Bilekahalli. 

He then tied her up and started beating her. He asked her to marry him or else he would hire killers to bump her husband off. Around 8.30 pm, the woman pretended to be sick and said she wanted to go to a pharmacy. He agreed on the condition that she would not create any scene there. 

The suspect took her to a medical store. She then said she wanted to buy a few things and he took her to a shopping mall. He apparently didn't have cash and went to an ATM. Just then, she sneaked out and went home. 

She narrated her ordeal to her family and later filed a complaint at the Electronics City police station. Police have booked Gowtham for kidnap, criminal intimidation and assault, and are trying to trace him.