Wheeling menace: Angry villagers thrash bikers

Wheeling menace: Angry villagers thrash bikers

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Enraged villagers thrashed three teenagers who were wheeling their motorcycles and performing various stunts in Hemmigepura near Thalaghattapura on Monday morning.

Siddappa, 56, was going to his relative’s house on his motorcycle as another oncoming speeding bike hit him. Siddappa was hospitalised soon after.

Following the incident, villagers manhandled the bikers. 

Furious over repeated stunts by the bikers, villagers damaged two scooters. Unable to bear the menace, they even started pelting stones at them.

The teenagers, scared of the attack, fled the scene. Police are verifying their registration details.

A senior police officer said there is regular police patrol around NICE road near Kengeri and KS Layout.

“The bikers have shifted their stunts to Hemmigepura as the place is quite isolated. We have asked the toll staff to keep an eye on such bikers who perform dangerous stunts around the area,” he added.

According to police, of late, it has become a daily routine for youngsters from Kaggalipura, Kumaraswamy Layout and other areas, to indulge in stunts especially wheeling on the NICE Road. The bikers start their antics from midnight and continue till early morning, inconveniencing vehicles passing through the area.

Recently two-wheeling motorcyclists died in a head-on collision and the video went viral.