DyCM's oral assurance keeps land allotees skeptical

DyCM's oral assurance keeps land allotees skeptical

The allotees of the Bangalore Development Authority’s (BDA) Nada Prabhu Kempegowda Layout (NPKL) are in the lurch over an orally promised relaxation of the registration norms.

According to the land owners and allotees of NPKL, Deputy Chief Minister (DyCM) G Parameshwara in December had orally ordered to extend the penalty-free registration to 120 days. Only for the beneficiaries of NPKL, the BDA had relaxed the penalty-free registration till 90 days against the existing 60 days. However, even after six months the government is yet to take a call, and has left the thousands of allottees anticipating huge penalties in the absence of an order in writing.

“In December, the BDA conveyed the same through all television channels and newspapers. So, now when we are going ahead for the registration, the officials are imposing penalties saying they have not received any order from the government and they are to abide by the norms until a government order (GO) is issued. Most of us are not aware of government formalities. How can we get the GO? Now our worry is on coughing up a huge sum as penalty if nothing is done at the government level,” said Kamalakshi Bai, a beneficiary.

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If the penalty is imposed on the beneficiary of a 30X40 dimension plot, the person would be spending anywhere between Rs 15–20 lakh more for the registration. The NPKL forum had brought this to the notice of the BDA chairman and top officials. They promised to look into the issue, but nothing has been done yet. “These things should be essentially sorted at the government level. Since its the DyCM’s order, most allotees delayed the registration process. Most of the beneficiaries are from middle class families. So the penalty itself would be a huge burden. Imagine the plight if it’s 30%,” Surya Kiran, member of the NPKL forum told DH.

However, top BDA officials clarified they have ordered the authorities to go ahead with the registration, expecting the government order. “I will look into the issue again. It was clearly said to go ahead without any penalty. Since the BDA rule should be amended, its taking time. Probably within two weeks it will be done. I assure this will not create a problem,” BDA secretary Basavaraj said.