Cardiologists adopt alternatives to blood thinners

Cardiologists adopt alternatives to blood thinners

Watchman LAA (Left atrial appendage) occlusion device positioned in left atrial appendage.

However, he had a tendency to fall often resulting in severe bleeding. “We came across devices that could replace these blood thinner tablets. They have worked well for him and he is doing much better than before,” he said. 

The octogenarian does not have to take the tablets after he was inserted with a fairly new medical innovation, Watchman LAA
(Left atrial appendage) occlusion device. 

Cardiologists in the city have adopted the occlusion device and the Amplatzer Cardiac Plug to replace oral anticoagulants for patients suffering from Atrial fibrillation. These prevent the chances of developing stroke, especially among senior citizens having symptoms of Atrial fibrillation.

The device is inserted through the groin until it reaches the right atrium. A small hole is made through the septum till it reaches the left atrium where
the left atrial appendage (a small pouch) is closed using the device.

Dr Ranjan Shetty, HOD and Consultant Cardiologist, Manipal Hospitals, said, “Oral anticoagulants are normally prescribed for those suffering from atrial fibrillation (irregular rapid heart rate that increases the risk of stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications). But its dosage needs to be constantly monitored. Even a slight increase in the dosage, especially among senior citizens, raises the chances of bleeding from any part of the body.

They sometimes lose their balance and tend to fall, also causing bleeding. These devices are safe in comparison.”