Clear buffer zone near waste plants, says Dy CM

Clear buffer zone near waste plants, says Dy CM

G Parameshwara

Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara ordered the removal of garbage accumulated within 200 metres of the buffer zone near the Doddabidarakallu and Hemmigepura waste processing plants.

Parameshwara, also the Bengaluru Development Minister, on Friday visited the plant at Doddabidarakallu. He ordered to process 25,000 litres of leachate and also to afoot the supply of waste to Indium Company — a waste-to-energy plant that will convert 100 tonnes of mixed waste into 2 MW energy on a daily basis. The minister ordered not to release the leachate outside, but to process it within the plant.

BBMP Commissioner M Maheshwar Rao, Mayor R Sampath Raj and Sarfaraz Khan, BBMP joint commissioner, health and solid waste management, were also present during the inspection.

The residents had sought the shutdown of the waste processing plant at Hemmigepura as the nearby area was filled with mosquitoes and had an unbearable stench, causing great inconvenience. However, they are convinced that the visit by the authorities would not bring any progressive changes.

“A couple of months ago, the former mayor had also visited the place. But nothing has happened till now. This might be just another such visit,” said V K Srivatsa, a resident of Hemmigepura.